Guest Post Rules

Gain valuable experience and help us out!

We’re not looking for Pulitzer Prize journalists or published authors, or even guest contributors to Rolling Stone. We just want people like you! Our readers like to hear from real people just like them, not necessarily music gurus, critics or full-time writers.

If you’ve got a great idea for a musically-inclined topic, and you think it will be beneficial or helpful for another reader like yourself, we want to help you out getting that post made and published. It does not have to be some revolutionary idea or musical theory-it can be anything that you think the world needs to hear; a fun topic of conversation that you might hear friends chatting about while they sit together.

We do get a lot of great ideas for blog posts and articles, so we absolutely hold ourselves to very high standards. Again, do not worry if you don’t have a full mastery over spelling and grammar-our team will simply work with you on editing your piece for clarity, grammar and spelling until it is just right. We want it to connect with our readers, and also make you look good at the same time.

And even though we may demand some editing and revision on your part, we guarantee it’s worth it.

People may connect with your article and begin to follow you, as they are curious about what else you’ve got to say. You will get better at understanding what it is people want to learn and read about, and you will start to get noticed by all the right people.

So, What DO We Want?

In general, we want to see content that is 100% original and about 1200-2000 words in length. We want you to use media to help illustrate your point and third-party sources.

More Guidelines:

100% Originality

Any and all content you submit must be original, and by this we mean that it has not been published anywhere else beforehand. We will vet with great care all work submitted.

Correct Length –

Keep it between 1200-2000 words, please.

Lots of Media

Use all you can to get your point across-screencaps, gifs, videos, audio clips, you get the idea.

Many 3rd Party Sources and their Media

If you add high-quality, authoritative sources to back up your point and substantiate your material, the credibility of your opinions and ideas increases and your content is recognized as valuable.

Music Skanner is devoted to researching and presenting info that is engaging and factual about musical equipment, news, and entertainment. We focus on the music industry as a whole and want to provide readers the best quality content.

Consider topics like this:

• Music-any and all topics

• Musical equipment-all kinds of equipment like amps, guitars, drum sets, DJ equipment, etc.

• Musical education and lessons-how to write songs, finger charts, tablatures, etc.

• Recording music and microphone use

Any and all content you submit must be of value to the reader in at least one of the following ways-your content must educate, entertain, inform, and get the reader inspired to pursue music.

Some examples of great content we have on our site right now:

• Ideas to Write A Song-Basic Structure

• Yamaha Stage Custom Advantage

• Best MIDI Controller for Ableton

If you think you’ve got what it takes, have a close look at our site and send us your ideas. We look forward to helping you and reading your Ideas.

NOTE: Get in contact before submit