Sunday, December 17, 2017
yamaha ysl 354

Yamaha YSL 354 Trombone – Best Entry Level Trombone?

Brass instruments are pretty diverse and generally come in a lot of different flavors. Finding one that is affordable but decent is harder than one might imagine. This also applies to...
suzuki pure harp

Suzuki Pure Harp: Harmonica for the purists

Harmonica is one of those instruments which appears to be simple, but is quite complex to design. That is, if you want to make something that is useful at all. Not a...
violin or cello

Cello VS Violin – Which One Is For You?

Both this music instruments are almost equally difficult, but in different ways, and that’s the hard truth. There are plenty of things that you really need to put to careful consideration when...
cello brands

Top 3 Best Cello Brands – Elegance Of Design

The deep and unique tone is what makes this instrument widely known. That also makes buying of some high-quality cello paramount. Because, you really need a nice cello brand which is widely...
vandoren 5rv lyre

The Choice of The Pros: Vandoren 5RV Lyre

Those who play clarinet know that any instrument is about as good as the mouthpiece that is on it. If the mouthpiece is not a quality piece, you will struggle with the...
bach strad 37

The Master Class – Bach Strad 37

Good trumpets cost are not that easy to come by, and most brands are having to spend a lot of time and money on designing and producing one. That is why...
kydd bass

Kydd Bass, Entering The Unusual Class

Upright bass is a special type of animal as it is. Professional bass player will need a decent amount of time and skill in order to fully master this classical instrument. However,...
conn vintage one

The Conn Vintage One Trumpet – Quality Tone

If you ever played brass instruments you probably know how each of the most popular ones rank in terms of difficulty. You also probably know that a trumpet is going to...
vito bass clarinet review

Vito Bass Clarinet: quality within the affordable range

When you are on a budget and you want to get a clarinet, your options are pretty much limited. You either go for a Yamaha, Vito or Leblanc. These three companies...

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Roland SP404SX a Long Expected Upgrade

By every definition, samplers are slowly fading away into obscurity. Their application has been replaced by a whole array of other hardware, and more...

Roland SP404 the dying breed