Sunday, October 22, 2017
best 61 key midi controller

Fusion of New And Old – 3 of the Top 61 Key Midi Controller

MIDI controllers are becoming an irreplaceable part of any decent live performance setup. They are just too valuable, and offer the kind of control you will otherwise have trouble finding. Those who...
best traktor controller

Hardware That Keeps Up – Check out the Best Traktor Controller

Native Instruments doesn't only supply us with awesome music software, they are one of the leading manufacturers of music hardware as well. As the company evolved, Native Instruments realized that they could...
best serato controler

Modern Mixing At Its Best – 3 Great Serato Controllers

Over the years Serato has become the backbone of DJ software. A good majority of people use it, and swear by it thanks to its abundance of features and general smoothness...

All Around Music

Can a computer really read emotions better than we can?

As a lifelong lover of music and avid reader of biographies about musicians, I was absolutely fascinated by the Superfi blog article on the IBM...

Jamplay vs guitartricks