boston acoustics gt2200
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Powerful output.
Great sound quality.
Not very good cooling system.
Harder loads calculating.
Most audiophiles know that many car stereos kinds of systems are expensive and complex. There's an upper boundary here. So, GT2200 is really nice because there is a plenty of performance here at some very reasonable price, and this is not some magical type of amplifier, but it is quite versatile.

A great affordable amp that brings a lot of juice at a cheap price.Car audio systems are a huge industry these days.

Everyone who loves a good sound will want to have that type of experience in their car as well. No matter how advanced the factory stereos systems are today, there will always be those who will need a little extra.

For that crowd, getting the sound they want means installing amps. Your regular car stereo system simply doesn’t have the power to push the amount of speakers and meet their specific requirements. So, you need to help it out a bit.

There are many brands in the business of making car amps, and Boston Acoustics is among the best ones. Their Boston Acoustics GT2200 is a great affordable amp that brings a lot of juice at a cheap price.

Those who want quality on the budget will appreciate the nature of this amp. We are going to go over the features and specs of this model today, and see whether or not it performs as well as it claims to.


Boston Acoustics is known for building decent amps in affordable and mid range segments of the market. They are not the best there is, but they also won’t ask you to sell your house in order to buy their products.

The amp we are looking at today personalizes what this company is all about rather well. It is powerful, simple and rather affordable compared to the rest of the competition. That makes it quite competitive, which is why we are talking about it today.



The core of the Boston Acoustics GT2200 is an A/B Class two channel amp that is capable of pushing out 200 Watts RSM per channel at 4 Ohms. It’s a pretty efficient amp that tends to get hot, however that problem has been mitigated by a very nicely designed case.

You have a large aluminum heat sink in the back which pulls the heat away from the electronics, plus a forced air cooling system which springs into action when temps reach higher levels. This somewhat complex cooling design works great, allowing the amp to stay on for a longer period of time.
Q Tune technology, you can shape the signal and distribute it anyway you want among the speakers you have available.The frequency response you are looking at is from 10Hz to 95000 Hz. This amp is capable of pushing out low impedance loads in a very safe and stable fashion thanks to its high current design. With Q Tune technology, you can shape the signal and distribute it anyway you want among the speakers you have available.

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The most important thing about any car amplifier is how it handles heat and how much juice it has to offer. Boston Acoustics GT2200 does both of these things very well, all while coming at a very reasonable price. It’s not something you would want to use for extreme builds, but it can handle a normal stereo configuration just fine. It’s perfect for driving subwoofers when you need definition.

When things get hot, the fan kicks in but works very quietly. You practically wont even hear it come on. Speaking of which, this amp is hot. Even though the cooling system is efficient, it has its limitations. If you drive it too hard, you can have some serious heating issues.


  What we like

Great power output combined with a great quality of sound is what makes this amp a good choice for budget users. The price is great, and the whole amp is very versatile in nature. It’s packed with useful features that allow you more control over the sound, which is always a plus.


  What we don’t like

The only real issue Boston Acoustics GT2200 has is overheating. The cooling system is good, but it’s not perfect. As long as you are careful with calculating loads and using the amp within what is recommended, you will be fine.

In summary

Every audiophile knows that car stereos systems can be ridiculously complex and expensive. There is rarely an upper limit in this hobby. Boston Acoustics GT2200 is great because it brings a lot of performance at a reasonable price.

It’s not a magical amplifier, but it is extremely versatile. If you need a good audio system in your car on a budget, Boston Acoustics GT2200 is something you should look into.


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