If you look for the best tenor ukulele than you must find the one with best possible parts. Those include best strings, saddle, the sound hole, best shapes and also the best wood.

Also, you must know that this ukulele is far larger than a concert or soprano one, and it’s mostly more complex to find the best one.

Today we are going to tell you exactly what you need to look for in order to find the best tenor ukulele.

Best Saddle Options

The saddle should be founded here with much care and preemptive thoughts. Because it is crafted to hold all the ukulele strings in their place. When properly used, it can surely keep those strings firmly under control and wound, so it is important that it must be completely raised if you want it to work properly.

A high-quality ukulele will get the strings easily raised to a very precise height because then it will be far easier and secure for the ukulele to regularly work. Also, all those strings really must be evenly spaced precisely between themselves if you want them to do their job smoothly as well.
Also, the saddle must work fine and normal regardless those different tuning materials that are often being the top of the instrument. And a saddle is sometimes compatible with those gear-based materials, for instance, in the case of the tuning of the instrument. It’s worth mentioning that friction-based models are sometimes worthwhile during finding nice options.

The Strings

While some classic tenor ukulele will surely require regular four strings, well, not all those strings are the same thing. Nylon-wound or metal strings are mostly used to produce full and real sounds around a ukulele. This is mostly the classic case of those lower ukulele strings.

Steel strings are often used as they could be more durable and stable but are mostly used only by advanced players and experts. So, if you’re a rookie kind of player, be very careful because then you could easily damage your ukulele if not used correctly.

Traditional animal gut strings could often be used in some cases as well, and they are known for their light effect on the playing.

The Sound Hole

This might seem to be a minimalist ukulele part, but also it can be a completely crucial ukulele part. Also, this is much needed to firmly keep all those vibrations out. In that case, it is able to create the great sound of the ukulele. The soundhole must be trimmed pretty evenly and also made with some very solid border for complete and maximum functionality.

Best Shapes

Here you have three particular shapes that these instruments are found. Firstly, you got classic traditional one or figure-8 type of design. This one has very traditional looks and also has one special curved part near the strings end, and this is among those easier options to handle.
Also, you can find boat paddle type of shape or a pineapple shape on this instrument. These shapes are not so common, and they are far more suited for all those who got greater experience. However, those shapes are also more unique and interesting for the players and the audience.

Best Wood

The wood must always be checked. So, the best options for the tenor ukulele are mostly made with some laminated or solid wood materials. The best possible models are in most cases made with classic solid woods. Regular solid wood can offer completely full sounds and also develop very rich tones during the aging wood.

The other laminated wood material type of will surely keep its regular appearance for entire lifespan with few laminate layers that are all over. This can create the far stronger look. But, this material will be checked very carefully and that is based on the quality of the color and its heaviness.


You really have been sure when you get your instrument ready because you must know that you possess a model with features so strong and solid. Its material must be durable, and the true example of this are the Luna Mahogany series of the ukulele.

This instrument got good sound and it’s also not easily damaged so that is one of the nice tenor ukuleles that you can easily afford, and I know that you will not be disappointed at all.


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