Martin brand is among those that offer not only some extremely high-quality expensive acoustic guitars but also some very affordable guitars with nice sound and features.

Here we will describe 3 of them

So, read on this full Best martin guitar under 1000 review, and you will maybe find the one for yourself.

Actually, you are most likely going to find the exact model that fits your needs.

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Martin DRS2

Martin brand acoustic guitars are among the best, and Martin DRS2 is among them. This is a high-quality guitar that is not above the moderate $1000 limit.

Martin’s brand really possesses some nice compassion for many of those with a lower budget, and this very durable guitar proves this a lot.



The DRS2 got a nice dreadnought-style body also with a very solid Sitka kind of spruce top, nicely crafted sides and back and a high-quality hardwood neck. The sides and back material combine greatly with the fine spruce top, thus the guitar is able to provide a fine combination of volume, depth, and clarity.

The bridge and fingerboard are completely black and crafted from very durable material, and that’s very interesting choice in case of the less costly guitar. The fact is that this is the best Martin guitar for this price. That is mainly because of the very comfortable type of design.

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Alternative materials and tone woods might offer some pause, but in the reality, they shouldn’t. Also, the over-harvesting in the case of traditionalist kinds of tonewoods can be a very serious issue. So, brands like Martin have really become true leaders in this responsible wood resources management, and that gives truly great tones here.

Martin GPCX2AE Macassar

If you buy this guitar you will find that it’s simply quite amazing in sheer terms of its playability, sound, and durability. This one has nice resonance and really perfect combinations of the high and low end. It’s also not too loud, also it’s not much shimmery or else.



This guitar is super comfortable for performance, especially guitars neck truly feels nice and it is also very easy to smoothly navigate. FSC-Certified bridge and fretboard, also compensated type of Saddle, nice nut, are only some of the superb components here. The guitar’s craftsmanship is truly spot on, and a great finish is truly easy for the eyes.

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The massive top quality sound that comes right here from this one will really make you smile. So, I warmly recommend and praise this one to any player who’s got its eye on this guitar. Also on anyone who is just looking for some nice acoustic instrument that’s will really become spoiled in sheer tone quality with the passing of the bigger amount of time.

Martin DXK2AE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Firstly, this one’s body is really made out of nice material. Both the body and the quality of the sound are very solid here, so Martin DXK2AE doesn’t disappoint in any of the important brand quality fields. This Martin’s guitar is very comfortable and quite durable, so it truly deserves a place on this list.



When you take a look inside guitars body, you will notice the wonderful smelling type of spruce braces, and you are also looking at its nice back side of guitars sheet made of very durable material. The entire work here is excellent, all is very nicely crafted and joined. So, for this price, this one possess a really admirable set of features.

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Well, this one is truly close to many expensive wooden body types of guitar. The guitars sound is not at all weak or empty, so there’s absolutely stable tonal quality attached to it. Also, this one got a unique sound, with very capable and clear resonance, and it is also not overly loud.


The price less that $1000 is truly the right one for buying a high-quality guitar for which you will not feel guilty if you own it. But, the greatest sound comes from the player.

So, all these Martin’s instruments here are the real players, they sound great and look also quite nice, so you will not make a mistake if you choose any of them.


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