In past several decades we have seen the invention of Digital Audio Workstations, and their fast proliferation. These days, the market is so saturated by this type of software that the choices are endless. Having said that, there are some DAWs that have stood out over the years.

They garnered a lot of attention, and huge fan communities due to their capabilities, qualities and other attributes. In general you can divide DAWs into two main categories, those created for Windows based machines, and those created for Macs. These two are just recently becoming somewhat compatible with opposite platforms.

On the side of Windows based machine, there is just a tonne of popular DAWs. The selection is definitely not as big when you look at Macs. One DAW that stands out in that part of the ring is Logic Pro X. This is currently the go to software for a huge number of producers.

For one reason or another, a big chunk of music production industry is using Macs. Although that is slowly changing, Logic Pro X still reigns supreme when it comes to DAWs. Today we are going to take a look at best Logic plugins, and see what are some great tools that can help you get your mix where you want it to be.