Buying an electric guitar for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many models out there, featuring different shapes and different options. For someone who just entered the world of electric guitars, it’s easy to get confused.

So, we decided to put together this epic guide as a tool that will help you and others who are looking to purchase an electric guitar, in making the best decision you can.

Before we get into specific models of electric guitars, let’s first take a look at the anatomy of an electric guitar, and its most important parts.


  1. Never understood the get a cheap guitar. Just save your money and get something that is actually good. I’m going to catch some flak for this, but I’m glad Fender didn’t make the list. Every single place is adding Strats left and right. It’s ok, we get it, Strats are cool. I just want to see some variety, not the same stuff every single time. I don’t like some of the guitars on this list, but it’s refreshing none the less.

  2. Whenever I see these lists, I have to wonder what’s going to be on the menu for the next year. I mean, do guitars really change that significantly in one single year? Anyway, PRS is always the way to go. Judging from this list, PRS is the best thing on here.

  3. Les Paul Studio is just too good man. I’ve always wanted to get a legit Les Paul from Gibson, but the prices never worked out for me. That Studio model finally allowed me to tap into this awesome family of guitars. You want the truth? It’s just as good as any other Les Paul out there. Not as refined, but just as good.

  4. I wonder how that LTD stacks up against the Epiphone’s LP. They have got to be similar, but I just don’t see a point of getting the LTD if Epiphone has even a similar sound to it. To each their own I guess.

  5. That Epiphone has no business going against Squier of any kind. It’s a guitar way above the that strat clone. If I was starting out today, I’d get it in a heartbeat. Grown tired of its sound? Don’t be a cheap skate and drop some cash for a set of EMGs. Now you have a beastly metal guitar that does anything you need it to do. It eats those Squires for breakfast, any day of the week.

  6. Not sure why everyone’s hating on the Squier here. I mean, it’s not gonna be a legit Stratocaster, no matter what you do to it, but the damn thing is pretty good considering the price. You just need to get a maple fretboard version because rosewood ones are too tough. If only they changed the pups for something that is tiny bit less noisy. Those singles are just horrendous when you plug in a decent overdrive.

  7. Say whatever you want, but that PRS SE is the best thing on this whole list. If you haven’t played one before, you simply have to. Those guitars are on a completely different level from your run of the mill humbucking axes. So much sweet, sweet range to be had, and they look like a million bucks too. I was dumb enough to sell mine, but I’m working on getting another one as soon as I can.

  8. I don’t know how things are today, but back when I was starting out Squier was just bad. My kid brought one home the other day so I got to mess around with it for a bit, and I still don’t quite feel it.

  9. That Hellraiser is by far one of the best ‘guitars with an attitude’ for the money at the moment. I’ve had mine for like a year, and this thing is just killing it when you want to get into heavier distortions and low tunings. I used to run a tuned up Epiphone LP before my C1, and it just can’t compare

  10. One of my best buddies got that Pacifica several months ago, and it rocks pretty hard. I’ll be honest here, we made fun of him for choosing that guitar over more popular brands, but we sure did shut up quickly. I’m considering getting one for myself as something for practice.