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Drums are one instrument where it really matters what kind of set you get. There is a lot of things you need to pay attention to, from the quality of the wood, to the type of techniques used to construct the drums.

A good set will offer a sound that can be used both at home and on stage. Unlike guitars for example, drum’s sound can’t be altered using amps. Even when you want to amplify the sound of the drums, you will just make the acoustic properties of that set louder.

With that said, no matter how new you are to drums, it is always recommended that you get yourself a good drum set. Today we are going to take a look at three sets we consider to be good enough to bear a title of the best drum set under 1000 dollars.

These kits come from reputable manufacturers, and will give you a great performance that you can alter build upon.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

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– Gretsch New Renown Maple –
Gretsch New Renown Maple

Gretsch definitely makes some of the best midrange drums on the market. Their Renown series have proven to be a real hit thanks to their choice of materials.

You could say that this kit is pretty much genre neutral, although the dimensions of each drum definitely make it more geared towards rock music.

If you are looking for a decent set that has a lot of expansion potential, Gretsch New Renown is definitely a drum set to have on your short list.



The core of Gretsch New Renown drum set are four drums. You get a 10 x 7 inch tom, one 12 x 8 inch tom, a 16 x 14 inch floor tom and 22 x 18 bass drum. Each of these is made using a combination of North American Rock Maple and other maple species.

Each drum piece comes with pretty good Remo drum heads. Usually when you buy a drum set, you will need to replace the drum heads right away. In case of this Gretsch, that is definitely not necessary. The hardware is well made and offers enough reliability to be used professionally on stage.

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There’s a lot of low end timbre with the this kit. The sound Gretsch New Renown is known for can be described as warm with a lot of pent up energy that is easily released when you strike the drum heads. Quality made hardware makes it easy to tune this kit, and have it stay in tune for a long duration of time.

Individual parts of the kit don’t move around, and the lugs stay tight. Overall, the Gretsch New Renown Maple 4-Piece Euro Drum Set Shell Pack is a great mid range drum kit that will definitely serve you well.

Pacific Drums PDCM2217SB

[/easyazon_link]Pacific Drums is not as popular as Pearl or other companies that produce drum sets. However, they have quite a range of quality kits that are sometimes pretty affordable.

Their Pacific Drums PDCM2217SB is a great example of that. The kit is very flexible, and comes with some features that you rarely see in this price range. In all honesty, Pacific Drums gave us a drum set that punches well above its category.



Pacific Drums PDCM2217SB is a seven-piece drum kit that is made of maple. Right out of the box you get a 22 x 18 inch bass drum with a tom mount, a 7 x 8 inch tom, 8 x 10 inch tom, and 9 x 12 inch tom followed by a 12 x 14 inch floor tom, another 14 x 16 inch floor tom, and finally a 5.5 x 14 inch snare drum that has copper snare wires.

That’s a big set for the money, no doubt about it. The hardware is all there, and its quality is impressive. Shells on each drum are a 7-ply design with the only exception being the snare drum which has a 10-ply shell. Mounting systems closely resemble the DW style ones, and really just work great.

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In terms of performance, this kit is just impressive. The sound you get can only be described as studio level experience. No matter how you play this kit, amplified by microphones or not, it is going to sound like a way more expensive set.

Sure, there are far better kits on the market, but expect to pay a lot more money for those sets. In terms of price balanced with performance, this kit should probably cost a lot more since it sounds like a more expensive set.

If you want the best bang for the buck, this Pacific Drums PDCM2217SB set will give you that.

Ludwig Accent Fusie

Ludwig Accent Fusie

Ludwig drums, a brand that many drummers are turning to whenever they need a drum set that brings proven quality and consistent performance.

Ludwig Accent Fuse belongs to their more affordable line of kits. It is a balanced drum set that gives the right ratio of quality and functionality for the money.



Ludwig Accent Fuse comes with five different drums and a set of Zildjian cymbals. The drums you get are a 16 x 20 inch bass drum, an 8 x 10 inch tom, another 8 x 12 inch tom, one 14 x 14 inch floor tom and a 5 x 14 inch snare drum.

The cymbals included are 16 inch crash, one 20 inch ride and hi-hats. Of course, all the hardware necessary to assemble the kit is there as well.

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In terms of performance this Ludwig set is somewhere in the middle. We strongly suggest you replace the drum heads right away, as a set of new Evans heads can really let this kit come to life. Once you do that, you will be greeted by a warm yet punchy sound that has a lot of energy and great resonance.

The hardware used to mount everything is pretty decent, and can take a lot of abuse before it starts giving way. This definitely not a kit for serious gigging, however you could probably do small venues such as bars with this Ludwig.


These three drum kits are what we consider to be a cross section of options for the best drum set under 1000 dollars. Each of these is good enough to serve as a perfect practice set, while the first two can comfortably be used on stage.

The Pacific Drums model we showed you is probably the best bang for the buck out all three kits on this list.

It comes with most drums, and the quality is there. Gretsch probably has the best sound out of the bunch, however it is a basic kit and you will need to get the rest of the elements together before you can really experience the full potential it has to offer.

Finally, the Ludwig set is a more affordable option that will get you through small gigs and practice sessions. It’s a decent quality drum kit, but using it for semi pro stage performance might be a stretch.