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High-quality neck.
Good sustain.
Weaker quality control.
Not so nice shape.
Agile guitar possesses very good sustain and playability, and it also sounds very nice for the moderate amount of money. The body of this seven string guitar is also well made.

Every new guitar player who is just starting out is looking for an affordable way to get into music. The only issue here is that affordable segment of the market doesn’t always have a lot to offer. You will see attractive looking guitars, but the performance just isn’t there.

Agile guitar body

This goes for a lot of unknown brands, but a lot of well known ones as well. In the lower ranks of guitar brands, we find Agile. This company offers some of the most affordable guitars that you can get, with a reasonable performance. If you are wondering which ones are worth looking at, you are at the right place.

Today we are going to take a look at several Agile guitar models, and try to figure out which one is the best.

Which one is the best ?

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Agile Interceptor 727

Six string guitars are so prolific that the technology and knowledge needed to build one isn’t anything new. As you probably already know, there are numerous affordable six string guitars available on the market.

However, once you introduce the seventh string, things tend to change. This Interceptor is one of the rare seven string guitars that on the market that got some details right.



The body is made of mahogany and features a flamed maple top that actually looks decent. The color on this particular one is bright green, which gives it a bit of that Ibanez vibe. The neck sports a 27 inch scale.

This is very important when talking about seven string guitars. Anything under 25.5 inches is useless, and even that is pushing the limits. In terms of electronics and hardware, we have Cepheus passive 7 pickups with a Floyd Rose FRT-2000 floating bridge.

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For a rather affordable seven string, this Agile guitar sounds quite decent. The neck is fast and smooth, while the pickups have quite a bit of range to them.

You can feed this guitar with any type of distortion and it will handle itself well. Same goes for lower tunings. That 27 inch scale allows you to go into djent territory without an issue. That is worth praising considering that some major brands get it wrong.

Agile Septor 827

Now that we have shown you a great seven string model, let’s take a look at one attractive eight string guitar from Agile. In this case it’s the Agile Septor 827 that brings a lot of versatility to those who have reached the limits of a seven string guitar, and need something a bit more flexible. At this price, Agile Septor 827 is definitely a bargain.



Standard Super Strat body made of mahogany and featuring an arched top gives this Agile a pretty stylish look. the finish is nice and inspires confidence.

The neck is a three piece maple design with that same 27 inch scale we just talked about. There are no inlays but the edge of the neck is where the frets markings are. Pickups are Cepheus Alpha and Cepheus Beta passive humbuckers. Bridge on this guitar is standard fixed bridge that comes in black

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For having eight strings in this price range, you would expect questionable performance. Although the pickups are somewhat limited, this guitar actually sound pretty good.

There is no muddiness in the lower range once you really get on that eight string, but it’s not crystal clear. The neck is very smooth thanks to its maple fretboard. Overall, this is one decent eight string guitar for those on a tight budget.

Agile Septor 727


Lastly we have another seven string that is worth mentioning. Agile Septor 727 is very similar to the Interceptor we talked about just a minute ago. The hardware is almost the same, although there are some significant differences.

With that in mind, it’s worth mentioning that this guitar is the cheapest of the lot, and is really aimed at those who want to experience a seven string model on the cheap.



One thing that is really neat about Agile Septor 727 is that Agile actually took in advice from their users, and based the whole guitar on the results of that interaction. We have a standard Super Strat body made of mahogany which also features an arched top.

The neck is again a maple unit with that same 27 inch scale and a nice rosewood fretboard. Electronics come in form of Cepheus passive 7 pickups, and the bridge is their own fixed model.

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In terms of performance things are similar to the Interceptor, but this guitar has a bit more sustain to it. Pickups are the same, so you can expect to hear the same range and color. Playability is quite decent, even though the fretboard is a rosewood one. With a 13.7 inch radius, you know you can start shredding and not feel it.

Overall, it’s hard to say which of the two seven string guitars is better, but Interceptor does look a bit more refined. With that said, Agile Septor 727 comes with a nice lacquer finish, so it attracts the more conservative player.

In summary

If you thought affordable seven string guitars were impossible to make, now you know the truth. Agile guitar may not be Fender level of quality, but you definitely get what you paid for.

The sound of their pickups is more oriented towards heavier genres of music, there’s no doubt about that, but you can still pull get some subtlety in terms of tone. Quality control is a major issue with every brand that isn’t widely popular. In case of Agile, things are positive. There are always going to be reports of faulty products, however those reports are rare when Agile is in question.

The only thing you won’t have control over with these guitars is the shape. Almost all of them sport that modified Super Strat, and the only aesthetic detail that changes is the finish. However, it is what it is. Hopefully you were introduced to some guitar you didn’t know about before. If that is the case, definitely check out Agile and their instruments.